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Pathways for Preschool

Pathways for Preschool

Pathways for Preschool is a well-balanced program for K2 and K3. Preschoolers will have lots of fun as they meet daily with their animal friends at the Big Red Barn. Each activity and concept in the program is research-based and developmentally appropriate. Interactive circle times help children learn, grow, and have fun! The Teacher’s Edition includes lesson plans and activities for each age, offering wonderful flexibility.

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Footsteps for Fours

Footsteps for Fours

Footsteps for Fours presents active, hands-on learning and includes a balance of individual activities as well as suggested group activities. Daily math, phonics, and prereading lessons are interspersed with age-appropriate music, science, language arts, social studies, and handwriting segments. Footsteps for Fours is a 5-day program designed for use in full- or half-day programs. It offers flexibility for all types of learners at all stages of learning.

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Focus on Fives

Focus on Fives

Here's an engaging, activity-based program that helps students develop the skills they'll need for first grade. Students receive basic age-appropriate introductions to science, social studies, handwriting, phonics, and reading. Fun and exciting learning activities help young students build a foundation in phonemic awareness, reading strategies, listening, and speaking.

Parts and pieces include a teacher's edition, a student worktext, 34 reading books, a phonics practice book, phonics charts, visuals, phonics and review cards, and Write Now! Handwriting activity sheets.

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Kindergarten Beginnings

K5 Beginnings

K5 Beginnings is a springboard to a lasting, enthusiastic relationship with reading and writing. Clear instructions are provided for a strong beginning to phonemic awareness, phonics, word families, sight words, early reading, and writing. Engaging themes incorporate science, Heritage Studies, and literature along with stories for listening and reading comprehension. Student involvement is encouraged through theme lessons and group composition of Experience Stories, as well as activities with the Phonics Characters and word cards.

K5 Math

K5 Math uses an interactive approach with manipulatives to build a foundation of math concepts. Lessons on number sense, time, addition, subtraction, and other skills are included. Theme characters Farmer Brown, Mrs. Brown, and Cheddar keep even reluctant students engaged and motived.

Math K5, 3rd ed. (previous edition)

Math K5

Other Preschool Resources

Bible Truths for Christian Growth

Overview of Centers

Early Childhood Philosophy

Early Childhood Booklist pdf document
The Footsteps For Fours and K5 Beginnings Teacher's Editions make frequent references to children's literature. Some literature or books are integrated into the foundation of the lessons while others are recommended as read-alouds. These are books that may be borrowed, rented, or purchased to use over and over again. They will bring teachers and students hours of enjoyment.


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