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  • Around Gödel's Theorem—Discusses mathematical Platonism and other ways of thinking about mathematics, especially Gödel's famous theorems on incompleteness and inconsistency
  • Bible Numerics—A brief classic by Oswald T. Allis. Many believe that numerical patterns in the Bible attest to its inspiration. Allis shows how well this hypothesis works.
  • The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive—Many biographical and historical resources, including a section on famous curves (such as the Pearls of de Sluze and the Trisectrix of Maclaurin)

Recommended Freeware and Webware

  •—Gives "Step-by-Step Derivatives and Integrals . . . with each step explained. Long multiplication and division of polynomials, too."
  • Dataplot—Powerful statistical freeware from the National Institute of Standards and Technology; especially designed for linear and multilinear regression, nonlinear modeling, and related diagnostics
  • Fractint—Generates many pretty fractals, allowing deep zooming

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