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12th Grade Math Resources | Precalculus


Precalculus, 1st Ed.

About Precalculus, 1st ed.

This college preparatory course emphasizes functions, graphing, and trigonometry throughout and introduces differential calculus.  Math Around the World and biographical sketches of mathematicians appear throughout. An approximation methods feature, Math and Scripture, and dominion modeling activities for graphing calculators are in every chapter. This book replaces Advanced Math.


Precalculus Activities and Answer Keys

Below are optional activities on math history for Precalculus. Since there is not a Student Activities manual for this textbook, the activities listed below complete the survey of math history that flows through the BJU Press math Student Activities manuals.

These documents are inpdf documentformat:

Poincaré - Answers

Huygens - Answers

Weierstrass - Answers

Laplace - Answers

De Morgan - Answers

Hausdorff - Answers

De Moivre - Answers

Cramer - Answers

Chebyshev - Answers

Fourier - Answers

L'Hospital - Answers

Rolle - Answers


Minor Corrections

Errata for Precalculus, 1st ed., Testspdf document


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