Web Links for Pre-Algebra, 2nd. ed.

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Section 3.1 Equations

Chapter 4 Number Theory Opener

Chapter 5 Math and Scripture

Section 6.5 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

Section 7.1 Forms of Percents

Section 7.4 Scales

Section 7.7 Interest

Chapter 8 Applying Equations and Inequalities Opener

Section 8.2 Variables on Both Sides

Section 9.4 Graphing Linear Functions

Section 10.1 Statistical Measures

  • Virtual Statistics Lab—A variety of statistical instruction, simulations, case studies, and analytical tools

Section 10.2 Diagramming Data

Section 10.3 Histograms

Section 10.4 Graphing Data

Section 12.1 Basic Geometric Figures

Section 12.3 Polygons

Section 12.4 Perimeter and Circumference

Chapter 12 Math in Use M. C. Escher

  • Tessellation Tutorials—Contains many links allowing students to make their own tessellations in a variety of programs

Section 12.8 Symmetry and Transformations

  • Illuminations: Shape Cutter—Decompose and recompose shapes and perform slides, turns, and flips in a virtual manipulative environment

Section 13.1 Area of Parallelograms

Section 13.5 Surface Area

Section 13.6 Surface Area of Pyramids, Cones and Spheres

Appendix F Divisibility by Seven

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