Math K5, 4th ed.

Math K5 textbooks

K5 Math uses an interactive approach with manipulatives to build a foundation of math concepts. Lessons on number sense, time, addition, subtraction, and other skills are included. Theme characters Farmer Brown, Mrs. Brown, and Cheddar keep even reluctant students engaged and motived.

The Package

For Teachers

The Teacher’s Edition with CD explains how to teach for understanding, using manipulatives. Also included are short practice and review sessions, ideas for games, enrichment ideas, and overprint answers for the Student Worktext. The CD contains a reduced version of the Teacher’s Visual Packet, ideas for Extended Activities, and 1-2-3 Write pages for additional number writing practice.

The Teacher’s Visual Packet includes 35 charts for teaching and classroom display as well as teaching visuals to cut out and use for demonstrations.

For Students

The Student Worktext offers practice and review activities as well as puppets, counters and mats centered on a farming theme.

The Student Manipulatives Packet includes die-cut numbers, counting frames, shapes, and place value pieces to be used with the lessons.

a little learner using manipulatives
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