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Chapter 1: Place Value & Money

Chapter 2: Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers

  • Base Blocks Addition
    using base ten blocks to model grouping in addition
  • Number Line Arithmetic
    using a number line to illustrate arithmetic operations
  • Number Line Bars
    using bars to show addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division on a number line
  • Number Puzzles
    solving puzzles by arranging numbers on a diagram to add up to a given value
  • Diffy
    solving puzzles involving the differences of given numbers
  • Number Line Bounce
    number line addition and subtraction game

Chapter 3: Fractions

Chapter 4: Multiplication & Division Facts

Chapter 5: Decimals

Chapter 6: Multiplication: 1-Digit Multipliers

Chapter 7: Geometry: Plane Figures

Chapter 8: Division: 1-Digit Divisors

Chapter 9: Data & Graphs

  • Bar Chart
    creating a bar chart of quantities or percentages by labeling columns and selecting values
  • Pie Chart
    exploring percentages and fractions using pie charts

Chapter 10: Customary Measurement & Time

Chapter 11: Multiplication: 2-Digit Multipliers

Chapter 12: Fractions: Addition & Subtraction

  • Fractions - Equivalent
    illustrates relationships between equivalent fractions
  • Number Line Bars
    using bars to show addition and subtraction of whole numbers on a number line; then setting the step size to a fractional value to show addition and subtraction of fractions on a number line
  • Fractions – Adding
    illustrating what it means to find a common denominator and combine
  • Fraction Bars
    using fraction bars to learn about fractions

Chapter 13: Metric Measurement

Chapter 14: Division: 2-Digit Divisors

Chapter 15: Geometry: 3-Dimensional Figures

  • Cube
    choosing various nets that will form a cube, volume, cubic packaging activity
  • Pyrite
    cubes by design (God’s creation)
  • Space Blocks
    creating patterns using three-dimensional blocks
  • Point Plotter
    plotting ordered pairs on a graph
  • Ladybug Leaf
    programming a ladybug to hide behind a leaf
  • Ladybug Mazes
    programming a ladybug to move through a maze

Chapter 16: Pre-Algebra

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