Math 1, 3rd ed.

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The Worktext provides two colorful pages to practice the skills taught in the lesson. Understanding is emphasized through the use of manipulatives then pictured on the worktext page before progressing to the abstract. A review of previously taught concepts is included at the bottom of the second page. Digit the Clown and Cecilia are pictured throughout and make learning math fun with a variety of activities. A Chapter Review, a Cumulative Review, and a note to the parent are included for each chapter.


Math 1 tests 6, 9, 12, 14 and 19 include recognition of coins, values, and amounts. The color copies are provided here to help students recognize and identify the coins. You may print these pages.


Replacement Pages

A correction to page 60pdf documentof the Teacher’s Visual Packet Manipulatives on the Math 1 Teacher’s Toolkit CD.

Please note that since the Manipulatives are reduced from the Math 1 Teacher’s Visual Packet these rulers are not actual sizes. Please use an authentic ruler or the ruler from the Math 1 Student Manipulatives.

This page is provided to supply a numberline.

Minor Corrections

Errata for Math 1, 3rd ed., Testspdf document


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