Chapter 13 Tax Form Answers | Consumer Math

Chapter 13 Sections 3 - 6 contain problems in which the student is to fill out United States tax forms from the simplest, the 1040 EZ, up through the 1040. To make publishing deadlines, the book was written with problems whose answers were based on the 2003 forms. For odd-numbered problems, only the amount owed or refund due is printed in the Selected Answers section of the student book. In the teacher's edition, selected line entries are given for all of the problems requiring forms. It is possible to teach the chapter from the book using the old 2003 forms as given in the teacher's edition. However, we recommend that you use the most up-to-date tax forms and schedules for these problems.

Our selected line answers follow, in downloadable form for the 2012 tax forms.

2012 Answerspdf document

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