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Dominion Modeling Resources

Each chapter in Algebra 2 begins with a segment on Dominion Modeling, an opportunity for students to pursue obedience to the Creation Mandate in Genesis 1:28. Some of the data sets in the text were limited because of available space; here are more complete data sets in tab-delimited text files. For some software, you may need to cut the first row of variable names.

Chapter 3

Bladder, Lung, Kidney, Leukemia Deaths per 100,000 vs. Cigarettes Sold per Capita

Joseph F. Fraumeni, Jr. Cigarette smoking and cancers of the urinary tract: Geographic variation in the United States. Journal of the National Cancer Institute (vol. 41, no. 5), pp. 1205-1211. Table from pp. 1206-1207.

Chapter 9

Government Spending on Public Education vs. SAT scores

There are five variables in these data, Spending, SAT, Crime, Prof/Mng, and Income. The data were obtained from and are used with permission from the Beacon Hill Institute.

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