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"The Golf Links Lie So Near the Mill"

"Jade Flower Palace"

  • Masada: King Herod's Fortress Palace—Photos of ruins, including mosaics; models; diagrams; and more
  • Masada at UNESCO.org—Description, maps, documents, gallery of images, and more
  • King Herod Revealed—Striking images; explanation of Herod's significance as a ruler and builder
  • Du Fu (Tu Fu)—Brief biographical information and translations in The Anchor Book of Chinese Poetry Web Companion
  • Du Fu Index—Additional translations of Tu Fu poems; shown with both traditional and simplified Chinese characters
  • "Ozymandias"—Featured in Poetry Foundation's Core Learning Poems series; includes annotated text of the poem, writing ideas, discussion questions, teaching tips, guide to the poem, brief biography of Shelley, and more

"The Grave Grass Quivers"

  • Cold Case Center—Links to real police agency cold cases; for use with motivation and introduction to the story
  • My Tell-Tale Heart—An interactive e-text for Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" that allows students to annotate the story as they read; includes audio recording of the story
  • Native Plant Database—A searchable database with information about plants native to various regions in North America; for use with Science Link and One-on-One activity
  • USDA Plants Database—A searchable database for plants in the US and its territories; for use with Science Link and One-on-One activity
  • MacKinlay Kantor—Brief biography of the author at Sarasota History Alive!

"Scylla Toothless"

"Letter from a West Texas Constituent"

  • Agricultural Subsidies—Information hosted by Encyclopedia.com; includes entries from West's Encyclopedia of American Law, The Columbia Encyclopedia, Dictionary of American History, and International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences
  • "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift—E-text of the satirical essay

"A Considerable Speck (Microscopic)"

"The Day the Dam Broke"

  • The Thurber House—Features biographical information; a collection of Thurber's writings, correspondence, and other miscellany; literary and educational programs; and more
  • "The Night the Bed Fell"—E-text of the short story; PDF format
  • "Dam Break" by William Hendryx—Read a true account of a dam break in Lesterville, Missouri
  • Telling the Story: Student Resources—Primary and secondary sources for information about the Johnstown flood; provided by the Johnstown Flood Museum; organized as before, during, and after visiting the museum activities
  • Run for Your Lives!—A lesson plan from the National Park Service for teaching about the Johnstown Flood
  • "A Voice from Death"—A Walt Whitman poem about the Johnstown flood; first published in the New York World newspaper


From The Screwtape Letters

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