Unit Five: Contemporary American Literature | American Literature

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  • The Family Fallout Shelter—includes images of and information about these shelters and a recording of a 1962 public service announcement about nuclear attacks (for use with Motivate, teacher’s edition, p. 578)
  • When Home Fallout Shelters Were All the Rage—a collection of photos at CBSNews.com (for use with Motivate, teacher’s edition, p. 578)
  • The Family Fallout Shelter—a pdf of a 1959 document published by the Office of Civil Defense describing how to construct a fallout shelter in one’s home (for use with Motivate, teacher’s edition, p. 578)
  • Teaching With Documents: Photographs and Pamphlet About Nuclear Fallout—a lesson from the National Archives for teaching about nuclear fallout with primary source documents (for use with Motivate, teacher’s edition, p. 578)
  • Duck and Cover—a 1951 film produced by the Federal Civil Defense Administration of the United States shortly after the Soviet Union began nuclear testing (for use with Motivate, teacher’s edition, p. 578)
  • Vintage Household Ads of the 1950s—a sizable compilation of images of product advertisements (for use with Postwar Adjustments, teacher’s edition, p. 579)
  • American Women in World War II—a brief overview of woman in the labor force during the war as seen through the symbol of Rosie the Riveter; includes a brief video (for use with Postwar Adjustments, teacher’s edition, p. 579)
  • Rosie the Riveter—the original Norman Rockwell image
  • “We Can Do It!”—the J. Howard Miller image most often associated with Rosie the Riveter

Chapter 11: Contemporary Poetry

Contemporary American Poetry/Elizabeth Bishop

  • Newton's Cradle Demonstration—YouTube video (for use with Motivate, teacher’s edition, p. 582)
  • About Elizabeth Bishop—biographical information by several different writers; provided by Modern American Poetry, the companion site to the Anthology of Modern American Poetry
  • Elizabeth Bishop—biography, several poems by Bishop, and critical articles about the poet; provided by PoetryFoundation.org
  • Villanelle: Poetic Form—explanation of the form with examples, including Dylan Thomas’s “Do not go gentle into that good night”; provided by Poets.org (for use with Set Reading Purposes: Analyze, teacher’s edition, p. 583)

Randall Jarrell

William Stafford

African American Poets Laureate: Robert Hayden, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Rita Dove

Billy Collins

Li-Young Lee

  • Li-Young Lee—biography and several poems at PoetryFoundation.org

Chapter 12: Contemporary Prose

Contemporary American Prose/Ray Bradbury

Flannery O’Connor

John Updike

Joyce Carol Oates

Alice Walker

Amy Tan

  • Amy Tan Profile— webpage for the author at the Academy of Achievement; includes a biography, an interview (with video), and a photo gallery
  • “Two Kinds”—entry for Tan’s story at Encyclopedia.com; includes links to author biography, a plot summary, character descriptions, and more

Sandra Cisneros

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