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Astra castra, Numen Lumen.

“The stars are my camp, God is my light.” --University of Wisconsin

Beati pacifici.

“Blessed are the peacemakers.” -- James I of England

Cor meum quasi immolatum
tibi offero, Domine.

“I offer my heart to thee, Lord, as a sacrifice.” -- On John Calvin's emblem

Domine, dirige nos.

“Lord, direct us.” -- City of London

Dominus illuminatio mea.

“The Lord is my light.”

Ecclesiae et Litteris

“For the church and for literature” -- King College, Bristol, TN

Festina lente.

“Make haste slowly.” -- Augustus Caesar

In Domino Fortis

“Strong in the Lord” -- A Christian Academy in Japan

Jehovae Patri Filio
Spirituique Sancto

“For Jehovah the Father, Son and Holy Spirit” -- Scottish Independent Presbyterian Church

Mens Corpusque

“Mind and body” -- Wisconsin State University

Non Sibi Sed Aliis

“Not for self but for others” -- Trustees of Savannah

Petimus Credimus

“We pray, we believe. / We seek, we trust.” -- Bob Jones University

Quaecumque Vera

“Whatsoever is true” -- University of Alberta

Scriptura sola, fides sola

“Scripture alone, faith alone”

Semper Fidelis

“Always faithful” -- United States Marines

Semper Paratus

“Always prepared” -- Boy Scouts of America


“Truth” -- Drake University

Vita in Verbo

“Life in the Word” -- Chaminade College of Honolulu

Collected by Edith E. Smith, M.A.

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