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Latin is a defunct language, isn’t it? Possibly—but that first sentence could not exist without it. More than half our English words are indebted to that "dead tongue." So the best way to improve your English may be to study Latin.

Our Activity Manual gives plenty of practice in the grammar, history, and words presented. The Teacher’s Edition makes presenting easy with lots of extra helps and translations, and the prepared tests come with answer overprint. Student Text & Teacher Pronunciation Guide Cassette For those who haven’t heard Latin spoken recently or who were absent the day pronunciation was covered, the audiocassette provides reinforcement and practice with the rules.

Latin: It’s All Around Us

Latin is far from defunct [de- (down from) + fungi (to perform)]. In fact, it’s very functional [you figure it out!].

The lists on the next several pages are a collection of Latin phrases compiled by Edith E. Smith, M.A.

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