K5 Beginnings with Phonics Teacher Resources

Tachistoscopes and word family inserts

Additional resources for K5 Beginnings include printable learning tools for you to use with your students. A tachistocope is a learning tool used to teach recognition skills. These tachistoscopes and the accompanying word family inserts provide extra practice opportunities for K5 students. Word family strips are provided for all the word families taught in Kindergarten Beginnings with Phonics for K5, 3rd ed.

For best results, download the PreCursive handwriting font before printing. You may prefer to print the tachistoscopes on heavier stock and laminate. Cut apart the tachistoscopes and word family strips. Cut apart the tachistoscopes and word family strips. Cut the tachistoscopes along the dotted lines and demonstrate reading the words as you pull the insert through.

a child using word cards

Checkup Station Worksheets

These are general guidelines for evaluation and using the Checkup Station worksheets from Beginnings Worktext for K5 supplement. The pages may be used as a guide to help determine the progress a child has made in acquiring certain skills. Answer keys are provided in Kindergarten Beginnings with Phonics for K5 Teacher's Edition, 3rd ed. pages 201, 457, 711, and 881.

Optional Table of Lesson Plans

This optional Table of Lesson Plans provides the K5 child with the foundational skills necessary for first grade while allowing additional review and slowing the pace at which new skills are taught. By following this table, teachers will cover only five of the six units with the entire class. These plans will work well for teachers who do not administer standardized tests or for teachers who administer achievement tests near the end of the school year.

Parent Letter

The K5 Parent Letterpdf document introduces the Phonics Characters and gives explanations of how the characters are used in decoding words.

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