K5 Beginnings with Phonics

the K5 Beginnings materials

K5 Beginnings is a springboard to a lasting, enthusiastic relationship with reading and writing. Clear instructions are provided for a strong beginning to phonemic awareness, phonics, word families, sight words, early reading, and writing. Engaging themes incorporate science, Heritage Studies, and literature along with stories for listening and reading comprehension. Student involvement is encouraged through theme lessons and group composition of Experience Stories, as well as activities with the Phonics Characters and word cards.

The Beginnings Package

The Beginnings program provides 165 lessons (6 Units) of instruction that can be used to effectively meet the learning needs of each student in the classroom. The content is presented with two plans of instruction: one at a more advanced pace that uses all 6 Units, and provides opportunities to challenge a more accelerated class and one at a standard pace of 5 Units that will meet the needs of the average. The second plan, for the average class, allows two extra days of review per week and ends with Unit 5.

For Teachers

Beginnings with Phonics Teacher’s Edition (2-volume set) presents clear instructions for a strong foundation in phonemic awareness, phonics, reading, and writing.

The Reading Books for K5 Teacher’s Edition include phonics review, vocabulary instruction, and a story-comprehension guide.

Eighty-four large Phonics Charts display phonics songs, word-family rhymes, service words, and phonics characters.

The Beginnings Visuals include 61 Alphabet Handwriting Wall Cards with photos, story-family characters, and theme visuals.

The Phonics Songs CD contains recordings of phonics songs and selected readings.

The Standard Pocket Chart allows easy display for word cards and sentence strips.

a child reading a book

For Students

The Student Worktext provides daily follow-up to reinforce the 44 phonics sounds and lesson themes.

The Reading Books for K5 (student) have 32 short, colorful, fun stories at progressive levels.

Phonics Practice for K5 has 30 weeks of additional phonics practice to correlate with the sequence for K5 Beginnings.

The 80 Phonics & Review Cards are durable student aids for alphabet and sight-word mastery.

Phonics Stories for continued practice are student copies of the stories presented in the Teacher’s Edition.

Write Now! Handwriting includes letter-and-word model sheets for extra practice with PreCursive.

The Starting Line readers are 12 colorful paper-cover readers that can provide independent practice for beginning readers. Each 8-page booklet incorporates words with short-vowel sounds and high-frequency service words.

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