Unit 4 | World Studies 3rd ed.

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Chapter 12: Political Turmoil in Europe: 1776–1850

Chapter 13: Industrial and Social Revolution

Chapter 14: Reform in Western Culture: 1848-1914

Chapter 15: Colonial Africa: 1750-1950

Chapter 16: Spread of Imperialism: 1750–1914

  • Fyodore Dostoevsky—Biographical information of a Russian literary figure
  • Robert Clive—Discusses the British leader who expanded Britain’s empire into India
  • Sepoy Mutiny—Encyclopedia Britannica Online article on the Sepoy Mutiny, discusses the effects and consequences of the revolt
  • The Opium Wars—Encyclopedia Britannica online article including links to other pertinent topics
  • Treaty of Nanking—Text to the treaty that ended the First Opium War
  • William Carey—Biographies on the Baptist missionary to India
  • William Carey—Briefly describes his labor on Bible translation
  • Adoniram Judson—Biographies on an American Baptist missionary to Burma
  • Adoniram Judson—Briefly describes his Bible translation into Burmese  
  • James Hudson Taylor—Short biographies of the founder of China Inland Mission
  • Commodore Matthew Perry—Briefly describes his opening Japan for trade, includes biographical material

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