Unit 2 | World Studies 3rd ed.

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Chapter 3: Sub-Saharan Africa

  • The Story of Africa—BBC history of Africa from ancient times to the present, including West African kingdoms
  • Ancient African Empires—Includes information on African art and daily life
  • Ethiopian Church—Online article on nominal Christianity from the Smithsonian Magazine
  • Mansa Musa—Biographical information on a powerful African king
  • Kilwa Kisiwani—Information on an eastern, coastal city, from World Heritage Site

Chapter 4: Asia

  • Song Dynasty—History and culture of China under the Song Dynasty
  • Buddhism—Origin and teachings of this religion, information from PBS
  • Lao Tzu—Teachings of the founder of Taoism
  • History of Japan—from pre-feudal times to the modern age
  • Minamoto no Yoritomo—Biography of one of Japan’s most celebrated rulers
  • Angkor Wat—Online article on Cambodia’s celebrated temple, from the Smithsonian Magazine
  • Mongols—Their history and their effect on the world’s history

Chapter 5: Emergence of European culture (500–1300)

Chapter 6: Renaissance and Reformation

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