Unit Three: The Medieval World | World History

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Chapter 8: The Making of Medieval Europe

Castles in Europe

Chapter 9: Princes and Popes

  • Magna Carta at The British Library — Information on the Magna Carta and links to view it and read its translation
  • Anglo-Saxon Chronicles—Detailed history of Anglo-Saxon originally written in Old English
  • Bayeux Tapestry—Embroideries (over 20 inches x 230 feet) illustrating events leading to the Norman invasion of England and the invasion itself
  • A Medieval Wedding—Discusses customs and practices of weddings in Middle Ages

Religious Figures

Holy Roman Emporers

Kings of England

Kings of France

The Crusades- Primary and Secondary Resources

Chapter 10: The Reshaping of Medieval Europe

Medieval Towns (click pictures to enlarge)

Sophists, Scholastics, and Philosophers of the later Middle Ages

Art of Middle Ages (click picture to enlarge)

Architecture of the Middle Ages (click picture to enlarge)

The Roman Church during the later Middle Ages

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