Unit Five: Quest | United States History

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Chapter 16: The Gilded Age (1877-1896)

General Gilded Age Links

Industry Invention

Reform and Reaction

Change and Challenge

Chapter 17: America Expands (1850-1900)

Western Expansion

International Expansion

Perspectives: The Old West

  • Buffalo Bill Parade—early film showing Buffalo Bill's wild west parade in New York; by the Library of Congress
  • Black Bart—discusses the stage robber

Chapter 18: The Progressive Era (1900-1920)


  • McKinley--Home Page—motion pictures from McKinley's term of office; includes a scene just after his assassination as well as the funeral; by the Library of Congress

Progressive Movement

Progressive Politics

Progressive Society

Chapter 19: The Great War (1913-1920)




General WWI Links

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