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General Resources

Chapter 1: In the Beginning

  • Bible places—Photographs of places in the Bible
  • Features of a civilization—Definitions and two games for the student to match feature with definition
  • Artifact analysis—Worksheet provided by the Education Staff, National Archives and Records Administration
  • Artifacts—Smithsonian site providing student and teacher guides to analysis of artifacts (Note: United States artifacts are used but may be adapted.)

Chapter 2: Mesopotamia

Chapter 3: Ancient Egypt

  • Egyptian life—Stories and exploration using artifacts with interactive photos (British Museum)
  • Hieroglyphs—Egyptian writing and numerals
  • NASA satellite image—Overhead photo showing vegetation, desert and several pyramids
  • Steps in mummy process—Game that informs the student and allows him to make choices as the mummy process is presented

Chapter 4: Ancient Israel

  • Israel culture—Information about Israel culture
  • Dead Sea Scrolls—Interactive photographs of the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Tabernacle—photographs of tabernacle model and descriptions of each
  • Bible lands—Photographs and descriptions of sites in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Greece; also includes biblical archaeology, geography and history
  • Mount Sinai—Description of Mount Sinai of long ago and today, includes photographs
  • Masada—Description of Masada written by a rabbi

Chapter 5: Ancient India

  • Indian life—Stories and exploration using artifacts with interactive photos (Note: The game has the person playing the part of a Buddhist pilgrim.)
  • Indus civilization—Illustrated pages by leading scholars of the ancient Indus civilization, including the latest discoveries of archeological sites
  • Mohenjo Daro—Description, artifacts, maps, and video of the ancient city
  • An Indian Tale—Reader’s theater script of “The Gifts of Wali Dad”
  • Ancient India—Explores the ancient sites that helped shape the history and culture of Pakistan and India

Chapter 6: Ancient China

  •  Ancient China—Stories and exploration using artifacts with interactive photos
  • Sounds of the Silk Road—Pictures, information and musical clips of Chinese instruments; site allows student to make his own music
  • Terra Cotta army—Video and photographs of the clay army through an archeologist’s point of view (Note: tourist site)

Chapter 7: Ancient Persia

Chapter 8: Ancient Greece

Chapter 9: Ancient Rome

Chapter 10: The Byzantine Empire

Chapter 11: Mesoamerica

  • Mesoamerica—Interactive timeline, description and video of the team ball game, and games (Preview the “Did women play?” link before using the site.)
  • Tikal—Pictorial tour of Tikal with a brief history of the rediscovery and archaeological work
  • Olmec—Photographs of the Olmec heads and other artifacts from the Xalapa Anthropology Museum
  • Lost Mayan ruins—NASA article detailing the satellite imaging used to find ancient ruins
  • Mayan Codex—Information and samples of Mayan codices

Chapter 12: Ancient Africa

  • Daily life—Discussion of different peoples in Africa with games and PowerPoint slides
  • Aksum—Brief description, maps, and photographs of the ruins of Aksum
  • Click languages—Audio clips of various click languages
  • Pygmies Today—Information, photos, and recordings of music, village, and rainforest sounds
  • Great Zimbabwe—Information and photographs about the great mystery

Chapter 13: Ancient Japan

Chapter 14: The Middle Ages in Europe

  • Vikings—An interactive site with resources and games for the student and the teacher
  • Castle—Interactive diagram explaining the parts of the castle
  • Black Death—Interactive map showing the progression of the Black Death in Europe
  • Medieval Europe—Games, information, and photographs of the Middle Ages for teachers and students
  • Castles—Photos of Harlech Castle
  • Feudalism—Information and photographs about life during the Middle Ages

Chapter 15: A Kingdom for Shore to Shore

  • Latin America—Identify Latin American countries with an interactive map
  • Christians in India—The path of Christianity to India and how the Benedictine monks are rediscovering surviving biblical manuscripts; includes a video
  • Churches in China—Description of churches and “house churches” with a clip of Chinese Christians singing a song of praise
  • Missionaries—Biographies of missionaries

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