Heritage Studies 5, 3rd ed.

Heritage 5, 3rd ed. by BJU Press (textbook cover image)



Heritage Studies 5 Student Text (3rd ed.) surveys many different fields of study crucial to a thorough understanding of history. Students will study geography and the principles of mapmaking. The text describes the different regions of the United States and focuses on 20th century United States history. Basic principles of economics and currency are also introduced in addition to studies of different types of government systems.

Other Resources

Heritage 5 Correlation Chartpdf document(74 kb) -- This chart correlates the new Heritage Studies 5 Worktext pages and the Teacher’s Edition lessons. Unless otherwise indicated the purpose for the worktext pages is evaluating the lesson.


Replacement Pages

Depression Puzzle Cluespdf document(13 kb) -- If you are using the original Heritage Student Notebook, this is the correct Depression crossword puzzle with answers for pages 62 and 63.

Minor Corrections

Errata for Heritage Studies 5, 3rd ed., Student Textpdf document

Errata for Heritage Studies 5, 3rd ed., Teacher's Edition Setpdf document

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