Unit 8: Asia | Cultural Geography

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Chapter 19: South Asia

  • Asianinfo.org—Index of Asian countries with an overview of the people, culture, history, etc. Some news posted also.


  • Tour India—Information organized into country region and by city
  • Incredible India—Official tourist site. Much information, nice destination guide, and a few pictures.

Pakistan and Bagladesh



Nepal and Bhutan


  • CIA The World Factbook: Bhutan—Information on Bhutan’s  people, government, economy, communications, transportation, and military
  • Bhutan: The Last Shangrai-La (PBS)—Focuses on the natural environment and fauna of Bhutan. Short sections on history and culture. Good photos. Linked to the official tourist site of Bhutan.
  • Nepal—contains visiting ideas for trekking, tours, and outdoor activities

Sri Lanka and Maldives

Sri Lanka


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Chapter 20: East Asia


China's Autonomous Regions and Mongolia



  • Welcome to Taiwan—Official tourism site. Much information on Taiwan and good destination guide.


  • Mongolia Tourism—Official tourism site. Good info and photo gallery.
  • Visit Mongolia—Good sections on history, culture, climate etc. Great destination guide and photo gallery.

North and South Korea

North Korea

South Korea

  • Korea.net—Official tourism site of the Republic of Korea
  • Tour2Korea— Lots of useful information in the usual categories, a nice destination guide and a beautiful photo gallery.


  • Web Japan—Some good information. Mainly useful for travel destinations, whether historic or natural.
  • Explore Japan—Official tourism site. Detailed travel guide and great photo gallery.

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Chapter 21: Southeast Asia







  • Vietnam Tourism—Official tourism site. Great destination guide. Lots of information given but be aware that some portions (especially the history) show a definite government bias.
  • VietVentures—Vietnam Information Guide. Great website to discover.

The Malay Archipelago



  • Your Singapore—Official Singapore tourism website
  • Singapore—Contains a variety of information about Singapore and a photo gallery.



  • Indonesia-Tourism.com—Good overview of Indonesia. Nice interactive map. Don’t neglect the links at the bottom of the first page.
  • Indonesian Tourism—Official site of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Indonesia. Contains lots of great information and pictures.


  • Philippines Travel Guide—Contains much information and nice pictures. Great destination guide.
  • The Philippines—Well-presented site. Covers the usual information with a nice destination guide, but also focuses on the ecosystem of the Philippines, including animals, plants, volcanoes, hurricanes, and much more

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