Unit 3: Europe and Russia | Cultural Geography

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Chapter 5: Western Europe

Northern Europe


  • Visit Britain—Official tourism site. Excellent destination guide including all areas of Britain (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Channel Islands). Also links to each country’s tourism site.
  • Embassy of Britain to the U.S.— Contains much cultural and current information on Britain.
  • England—Website for tourism in England


  • Spirited Ireland—A very large and quite diverse personal collection of pictures from the author’s sojourns in Ireland.
  • Tourism Ireland—Official tourism site. Some good country information and a nice destination guide (actually covers Northern Ireland too).


  • Visit Scotland—Official site of Scotland’s National Tourist Board.



  • Go Scandinavia -- Official Website of the Scandinavian Tourist Boards - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden.

Denmark (and Greenland)


  • Smorgasbord: The Shortcut to Sweden—Extensive information on Sweden. Great destination guide. Interesting and excellent site!
  • Sweden:SE—Official and comprehensive site on Sweden. Contains link to official tourist page also.
  • Sweden—Sweden's official website for tourism and travel information



  • Norway— Great destination guide. Lots of excellent pictures.
  • Visit Norway—Official tourism site. A good destination guide. Excellent pictures.


Continental Europe


  • Discover France—Exhaustive website on the culture, history and destinations of France.
  • France This Way—Excellent France travel guide. Contains various information about France.



  • Embassy of Belgium in the United States—Nice overview of the modern history and current status of Belgium. Links to the official tourist site (good info) under “going to Belgium” section.



  • German Missions in the United States—An information site prepared by the German Embassy in Washington, DC and the German Information Center in New York
  • Germany Tourism—Official site from the German Tourist Board.
  • Germany’s Schwarzwald (The Black Forest)—provides ideas for visiting the Black Forest in southern Bavaria
  • Thuringia—Tourist website for one of the central provinces in Germany and birthplace of the German Reformation; includes list of towns to visit and tourist attractions related to Martin Luther




Mediterannean Europe


  • okSpain—Discusses recreation and historic attractions in Spain, with information on autonomous regions and major cities.



  • Visit Portugal—Official tourism site. Great destination site.
  • Portugal-info—Emphasis on travel. Main strength is the pictures given for each destination mentioned on the interactive map.


  • Embassy of Italy in Washington D.C.—website of Italy’s embassy in the United States, showing foreign relations between the two countries
  • CIA The World Factbook: Italy—addresses Italy’s people, government, economy, transportation, and military; also includes photographs of the country’s historic sites and terrain


  • Monaco—Official tourism site. Brief country info overview and destination guide. Good pictures.

San Marino

Vatican City

  • Vatican.va—Official Vatican site. Cover every aspect about Vatican City.



  • Ancient Greece—Tons of information on ancient Greece, including the history, famous people, the Olympics, mythology, and more. Quite interesting!
  • visitgreece.gr—The Official website of the Greek Tourism Organization


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Chapter 6: Eastern Europe

Baltic Region



  • Lietuva—Official tourism site. Nice overview of country info, good destination guide, and a quite good photo gallery.
  • CIA The World Factbook: Lithuania—discusses the country's geography, government, economy, and provides demographics information



The Carpathians

Czech Republic

  • Official Site of the Czech Republic—Leads to much information (“find out more”) and to a travel site (“travel”) with links to other very good tourist sites (under “attractions”).


  • Slovakia: Heart of Europe—Brief overview of Slovakia. Good pictures under the “travel guide” part.
  • Spectacular Slovakia—Emphasis on travel with good descriptions and pictures, but also has an excellent history section and a section on Roma (the people known as the gypsies).
  • Slovakia Travel -- Welcome to Slovak national tourism portal. 


The Western Balkans



Serbia and Montenegro



  • CIA The World Factbook: Albania—Information on Albania’s people, government, economy, communications, transportation, and military
  • Shqiperia—Great website about Albania. Covers almost everything.

The Eastern Balkans


  • Exploring Macedonia—link "go to" gives travelling ideas for cities, villages, lakes, mountains, national parks, heritage sites, and galleries


  • CIA The World Factbook: Bulgaria—Information on Bulgaria’s people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and more
  • BulgariaTravel—Official tourist site. Lots of great info is included and a great destination guide.


  • Romanian Home Page—Covers all areas of the country emphasizing Rumanian culture and the achievements. Link to official tourist site under “tourism”.
  • Discover Romania—Beautifully-presented site including much info and a very nice travel guide.

The Eastern Plains





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Chapter 7: Russia

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