Unit 9: The Australian and Pacific Realms | Cultural Geography, 4th ed.

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Chapter 22: Australia and New Zealand


  • Australia.com—Official site for Australian travel and Tourism. Lots of interesting information to discover.
  • Tourist Australia—Provides much information on various topics and lots of pictures of Australia.

New Zealand

  • NewZealand.com—Official site for New Zealand travel and business. Nice destination guide.
  • New Zealand Tourism Online—Best information is under “Visitor Info” which gives an interesting presentation of the culture, history, geography, etc. of New Zealand.
  • Maori Organizations of New Zealand—Lots of info on the culture, traditions, and folktales of the Maori people.

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Chapter 23: Oceania: the Pacific Islands


Papua New Guinea



  • Rob Kay’s Fiji Guide—Includes a destination guide, natural history, and small gallery.
  • Fiji Government Online—Section “About Fiji” contains some useful information. Site also links to official tourist site (visitor’s bureau) with destination guide etc.


Federated States of Micronesia

Mariana Islands


Marshall Islands


  • Nauru Tourism Website—Provides information for visitors, discusses the island's history, and contains beautiful scenes of the island




  • Tuvalu Online—Includes a detailed history of the island with a special section devoted to WWII. Also, gives several legends and a photo gallery.


American Samoa

  • American Samoa—Official tourism site. Lots of interesting information on American Samoa (with destination guide). Nice pictures too.

French Polynesia

Easter Island

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Chapter 24: The Last Frontiers


The Ocean Deep

The Heavens

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