Unit 7: The Middle East | Cultural Geography, 4th ed.

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Chapter 17: The Persian Gulf

Saudi Arabia


  • CIA The World Factbook: Yemen—Information on the country's people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, etc.
  • Yemen Tourism—Official tourism site with maps, photos, and general information overview


United Arab Emirates




  • Kuwaitiah.net—Links to information on various aspects of Kuwaiti culture
  • Visit Kuwait—General information overview of Kuwaiti’s governmental, educational, and commercial enterprises


  • World InfoZone—Brief but informative country profile and photo gallery
  • AtlasTours : Iraq—Historical background of each of Iraq’s main ancient cities


  • CIA The World Factbook: Iran—Information on the country's people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, etc.
  • Irpedia—Official tourism site with detailed information on notable places, cultural background, and tourism guidelines

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Chapter 18: The Eastern Mediterranean


  • TurkishEmbassy.org— Substantial overview of Turkey’s founding father, the various government branches, and notable locations with a large photo gallery (English option available in upper right-hand corner)   
  • CIA The World Factbook: Turkey—Information on the country's people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, etc.


The Mandate of Syria


The Mandate of Palestine


  • Israel— Official tourism site with in-depth historical facts, tourist information, Jewish and Christian themed interests, and an extensive photo gallery
  • Israel: Ministry of Foreign Affairs— Official government site with extensive Israeli background information, current politics, headlines, and international affairs coverage


  • Experience Jordan—Official tourism site features an extensive photo gallery and historical, cultural, and religious information on Jordan’s most well-known locations
  • Embassy of Jordan, Washington D.C.— Official government site with information on present officials, Iranian culture and history, and current headline

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