Unit 4: Latin America | Cultural Geography, 4th ed.

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Chapter 9: Middle America

  • CentralAmerica.com—Info and photo galleries for Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Panama, and Guatemala.


  • Mexico—Official tourism site. Great destination guide.
  • MexOnline—Travel destination site. Describes some of the culture, and has short articles on historical events and people.
  • National Geographic: Discovering Mexico—Four National Geographic Photographers and some writers journal their trip across four major regions of Mexico.

Central America


  • Visit Guatemala—Covers a lot of information and pictures of Guatemala. Great destination guide.


  • Travel Belize—Official tourism site. Good destination guide. Useful information, links, and more from the Belize Tourism Board
  • Government of Belize—Lots of info under “About Belize” plus a link to tourism site.

El Salvador


  • Let's Go Honduras—Great pictures and information. See "What to Do? / Where to Stay?"


Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica—Official tourism site. Great info and destination guide.


  • The Panama Canal—Official Site of the canal company. Has an interesting gallery of past and present photos and a fascinating history of the canal’s construction.
  • Visit Panama—Official tourism site. Good info. Destination guide a bit short.

The West Indies

Caribbean Islands

  • Caribbean Travel — Official site of the Caribbean. Database of all the Caribbean Islands and a few other countries. Under each is a brief overview of the country including essential or interesting facts and a link to the country’s tourist site.
  • Caribbean Islands—Database of all the Caribbean Islands and a few other countries. Under each is a brief overview of the country including essential or interesting facts and a link to the country’s tourist site.

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Chapter 10: South America

The Caribbean Countries



  • Venezuelatuya.com — Official tourism site. Great information (including flora and fauna) and a nice destination guide.
  • Think Venezuela (Online Tourism Directory) — Very thorough site which covers almost every area of physical and human geography in Venezuela. Good photo gallery too.

The Guiana Highlands


  • Guyana—Official tourism site including facts, history, galleries, and much more.


The Andean Countries




  • Bolivia Web—Travel guide with descriptions and histories of regions/cities plus much information on Bolivian society and some on the government.


  • Geographia: Chile—Brief overviews of the history, culture, and major attractions of the country.
  • Visit Chile—Official tourism site. Very good destination guide that includes natural wonders and the flora and fauna.

The Rio De La Plata


  • El Sur del Sur—Official tourism site. A great deal of information on the history and culture of Argentina and the land itself (including flora/fauna, geography, etc.).
  • Patagonia-Argentina –Patagonia is a region covering the southernmost part of South America. Nice tourism site.
  • Argen Tour— Great website about Argentina. Contains city info, history, culture, weather, and much more.




  • Brazil Tour—Official tourism site. Some good information. Find Destination guide using search box in upper right.
  • CIA The World Factbook: Brazil—Information on Brazil's people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and more

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