Unit 3: Northern America | Cultural Geography, 4th ed.

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Chapter 6: Canada

Canada: General Information

  • Government of Canada—Official government site. Excellent source of information. Under “Provinces and Territories” has links to official websites of each province where one can also find links to each province’s tourism website.
  • Canada.travel—The official travel guide to Canada.
  • Canada History—Covers pretty much everything about Canada.
  • Canada Info—More than 400 pages of information about Canada.

The Maritime Provinces

The Central Provinces

  • Quebec: Tourist attractions in the French city and surrounding areas
  • Ontario: Suggestions for “places to go” and “things to do”
  • Ottawa: Canada’s capital; lists its “top attractions”

The Western Provinces

The Canadian Territories

  • Yukon Territory: Discusses the region’s “historical and cultural attractions”
  • Northwest Territories: Provides vacationing ideas for visiting the territory
  • Nunavut: Outdoor activities and vacation plans for one of North America’s northernmost regions

Chapter 7: The Landscape and People of the United States

  • Library of Congress—Collections about the history, society, culture, and geography of America. Fairly in depth.
  • National Atlas of the United States—A government publication of the national atlas. Contains info. on the basic categories of geography (people, climate etc.). Best point is that you can create almost any kind of map you want of the United States.
  • StateMaster.com—Great source of the American states statistics (including the best, the worst, the largest, smallest etc.).

Chapter 8: The Regions of the United States

The Northeast

New England

  • New England: Attractions and visiting ideas for all New England states
  • Massachusetts: Information about visiting divided by the state’s districts
  • Rhode Island: Information on both the state’s natural and historical features
  • Connecticut: The Official Connecticut State Vacation Guide
  • New Hampshire: Provides a link to the state’s parks
  • Vermont: Official State website
  • Vermont: The state’s official tourism website
  • Green Mountain Club: Information for hiking on Vermont’s Long Trail
  • Maine: provides travel resources for visiting the state
  • Aroostook County, Maine: Website to Maine’s northeast corner, includes ideas for “where to visit”

Middle Atlantic

The South

Upper South

  • Virginia: State’s website with links to the state’s government, education, and another link for visitors
  • Williamsburg, Virginia: Website of the colonial city, includes a link for visitors
  • James River Plantations, Virginia: Website containing tourist attractions in Virginia
  • Shenandoah Valley: Visiting information on Virginia’s scenic valley, arranged by county
  • Cumberland Gap: Website managed by National Park Service, U.S. Dept. of Interior
  • West Virginia: Traveling ideas in the state, contains links for “things to do” and “places to stay”
  • North Carolina: tourism website explaining the state’s attractions
  • Old Salem, North Carolina: Website of the colonial, Moravian city, including a link for visitors
  • The Outer Banks: Ideas for visiting North Carolina’s coast
  • Blue Ridge Parkway: Website points out attractions along one of America’s scenic highway in the Appalachians
  • Kentucky: The official site of the Kentucky Department of Travel
  • Tennessee: Visitor information divided partly into state region
  • Arkansas: Contains list of towns with their tourist attractions
  • Appalachia: Website focusing on visiting the mountain range
  • Hiking on the Appalachian Trail: Website concerning the trail’s conservation
  • The Ozarks: Visitor’s information to the Mountain Region in Arkansas

Lower South

  • South Carolina: provides recommended attractions and activities
  • South Carolina plantations: Tourist attractions, arranged by plantation and by county
  • Georgia: Georgia’s official tourism website
  • Florida: Visiting information arranged partly by city
  • Everglades National Park: Website managed by National Park Service, U.S. Dept. of Interior
  • Alabama: Official Website of Alabama Tourism, describes state’s activities and attractions
  • Mississippi: The official tourism resource for the State of Mississippi
  • Louisiana: State tourism site with recommended activities
  • Louisiana Swamps and Plantations: Discusses the state’s swamp and plantation tours, includes a photo gallery
  • Texas: Tourist information arranged by region and city

The Midwest

  • Ohio: Provides itineraries for the visitor
  • Amish Communities in Ohio: Provides attractions for Amish communities in Ohio, including museums, towns, and farms
  • Indiana: provides trip ideas organized by trip type and by state region
  • Illinois: gives recommended tourist and artistic attractions
  • Michigan State Parks: Website to the state’s Department of Natural Resources
  • Wisconsin: Gives ideas for outdoor activities, including bicycling and hiking
  • Minnesota: Discusses the state’s lakes, information arranged by lake
  • Iowa: Official Tourism Web site of the State of Iowa
  • Missouri: Includes recommended historic attractions

The Plains

  • North Dakota: Website provided by the North Dakota Tourism Division
  • South Dakota: Includes recommended tourist attractions
  • Nebraska: Official Nebraska Government Website
  • Kansas: Includes recommended activities and attractions, including farms, ranches, and rural culture
  • Oklahoma: gives a city listing with explanations (look under “cities and regions”)

The West

Continental West

  • Montana: Features the state’s parks and discusses Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks
  • Wyoming: Wyoming’s official state travel website
  • Yellowstone National Park: features visiting ideas for one of America’s most celebrated and scenic regions
  • Idaho: Travel website including a photo gallery of the state’s buildings and scenery
  • Colorado: The Official Site of Colorado Tourism
  • Utah: Vacation and recreation activities, addresses the state's scenic parks
  • New Mexico: Discusses the state’s tourist attractions
  • Arizona: Provides websites to the state’s top destinations
  • Grand Canyon National Park: Website of the park from National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior  
  • Sequoiah National Forest: Provides maps and brochures of the forest
  • California State Parks: Discusses the state’s parks, organized by region
  • Nevada: The official Nevada travel and tourism website
  • Oregon: Gives travel destinations organized by region, including the beautiful Willamette Valley
  • Oregon: Travel information on Multnomah Falls, the state’s covered bridges, outdoor activities, and more; includes a collection of photographs
  • Hiking in Oregon: Includes the “top ten trips”
  • Washington: official tourism site of the State of Washington

Outlying States

  • Alaska: “Things to do” include backcountry, hiking, and wildlife viewing, main site features breathtaking scenes of the state
  • Hawaii: Information organized according to island

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