Unit 4: Facing a Crisis | American Republic

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Chapter 14: Storm Clouds over the Nation

Slavery in Antebellum America

The slavery debate in literature

The slavery debate in politics and society

Chapter 15: The States at War

General and Introduction

  • The Valley of the Shadow—“Two communities in the American Civil War” by historian Edward Ayers; numerous resources
  • Civil War Resources (About.com) —Numerous links on the Civil War

Mobilization for War

The War before Gettysburg


   First Battle of Manasses (Bull Run)

   Second Battle of Bull Run



   Murfreesboro (Stones River)



   Emancipation Proclamation

The War after Gettysburg


   Gettysburg Address


   George H. Thomas

   Lookout Mountain (Battle above the clouds)

   William Tecumseh Sherman

   Appomatox Court House

   Robert E. Lee

   Ford's Theatre

The War in the West

Diaries, Journals, war accounts, letters, and other primary sources

Chapter 16: Reconstruction

Presidential reconstruction

Radical Reconstruction

Bourbon Reconstruction

Primary Sources and Documents for Reconstruction

   Klu Klux Klan

   Andrew Johnson

  • State of the Union Addresses
  • Edmund G. RossHistory of the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson President of the United States by the House of Representatives and his Trial by the Senate for High Crimes and Misdemeanors in Office (1868)

   Ulysses S. Grant—Inaugural and State of the Union addresses

   Rutherford B. Hayes


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