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Why PreCursive?

PreCursive Fonts

Precursive addresses some of the fundamental problems associated with ball-and-stick manuscript writing:

  • the motor skills and visual skills needed to draw the letters
  • the difficulty children have in moving from manuscript to cursive in the middle grades.

The program is based on research that indicates ovals and slanted lines are easier for children to form than round circles and straight lines.

Letter size is reduced, and uppercase and lowercase letters are designed to be as similar as possible.

Most letters are formed using a single continuous stroke making the transition to cursive writing very easy. The single stroke formation also helps minimize reversal problems.

PreCursive Idea and Philosophy

Precursive Fonts

Download PreCursive Fonts for PC download icon (99k)

Download PreCursive Fonts for Mac version OS 9 download icon (16k)

Download PreCursive Fonts for Mac version OS 10 download icon (180k zip file)

Use these TrueType Fonts and PostScript (Mac OS X only) to create worksheets and teaching visuals for your K5 through second-grade students. The PreCursive New Dashed font provides letters for the child to trace, and the PreCursive New Arrow font gives directions for forming the letters.

Handwriting Guide Sheets

Lower Case Guide Sheet and the Advanced Guide Sheet pdf document (12k)

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