Footsteps for Fours

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Footsteps for Fours presents active, hands-on learning and includes a balance of individual activities as well as suggested group activities. Daily math, phonics, and prereading lessons are interspersed with age-appropriate music, science, language arts, social studies, and handwriting segments. Footsteps for Fours is a 5-day program designed for use in full- or half-day programs. It offers flexibility for all types of learners at all stages of learning.

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Your preschool students will be eager for each new lesson and its accompanying stories, songs, and activities. Footsteps for Fours presents interactive, hands-on learning—with an emphasis on having fun together as a class. Daily math, phonics, and prereading lessons are interspersed with age-appropriate music, science, language arts, heritage studies, and handwriting segments.

No more running to the store for supplies every few days!

We’ve collected all the practice cards, wall charts, posters, manipulatives, and lesson ideas that you need in one convenient package. These colorful teaching aids will captivate your student and save you hours of prep time.

Footsteps for Fours offers flexibility for both steady and accelerated learners, with an “Eager Beaver” track (three days a week) that allows advanced preschoolers to step ahead. Adapt the materials to your schedule—full-day, half-day, or just three days a week.

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The Footsteps Package

Hand Puppet and Backpack

  • Max
  • Backpack to hold objects and pictures to match initial sounds

Teaching Visuals

  • Calendar month cards; birthday train; sequencing cards; clock; handwriting guide; math manipulatives and counting line; theme related charts, such as dinosaurs, clowns, seasons, community helpers, money
  • Die-cut number and dot-pattern cards; counters; family and character stick puppets; fractions; and more!

Phonics Charts

  • New handwriting wall charts
  • Updated Teaching Tree with flaps for teaching numbers, colors, weather, and classroom helpers
  • Song charts—colorful pictures on front and songs on the back

Teacher’s Edition and Toolkit

  • Three-part Teacher’s Edition with 165 lessons
  • Weekly previews and material and preparation lists
  • Making Sounds Make Sense (written by a speech pathologist) phonemic awareness and producing sounds
  • Music with Honey emphasizing music, rhyme, rhythm, play, and movement (two lessons per week)
  • Eager Beavers reading track for advanced students
  • Toolkit with visuals, phonics charts, Teacher’s Edition reproducibles and visuals, four quarterly assessments, classroom schedules, bulletin boards, center signs, nametag patterns, newsletter stationery, coloring and cutting pages

Activity Packet

  • Activity and motivational stickers
  • Lacing, sequencing cards, headbands all printed on heavy paper
  • Eleven simple reading books to reinforce word families

Writing Packet

  • Tracing and tracking lines and letters
  • Letter writing

Phonics Practice Cards

  • Alphabet cards
  • Number cards with counting pictures
  • Color and shape cards
  • Max bookmark
a little girl holding Max



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