Unit Two | Family Life Skills

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Chapter 3: Spiritual Growth

Chapter 4: Physical Growth

  • Food at the FCIC—Many articles and information available from the Federal Citizen Information Center
  • National Sleep Foundation—Contains various articles on sleep-its effects on different age groups, its effect on stress in daily life, etc.
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics—Provides sound nutrition information as well as research articles
  • Nutrient Data Laboratory—The USDA database enables you to view the full nutrient content of 20,000 foods.
  • The Longevity Game—"How long can you expect to live? The Longevity Game will give you a peek into your future by identifying the factors that will lead to a healthier, more productive life."
  • ChooseMyPlate.gov—The New Food Pyramid—"The official revised food pyramid from the USDA. Includes modified food intake and exercise levels"

Chapter 5: Physical Enhancement

Clothing and textiles

  • Do it Yourself Network—A marvelous site offering advice and instructions for many household projects
  • Get Creative Conference Center—Free patterns for you to use
  • Gingher Scissors and Shears—Buy Gingher scissors for a great educational price
  • Nancy's Notions—Interesting articles, ideas, and online store
  • Palmer/Pletsch—Sewing books, videos, workshops, teacher training programs and more
  • Sewing.com—Sewing Community's website
  • Sew News at About.com—The site for the publication Sew News
  • Sewing Prose—A sewing curriculum for children aged seven years and older
  • Sew True—Sellers of sewing equipment
  • Sew What's New—Articles on sewing techniques; book reviews; quilting lessons; sewing lessons; projects with patterns
  • Simply Furnishings—Tips on sewing home furnishings. You have to order the kit in order to do the actual project. A free beginner's kit can be ordered. The site gives interior design information.

Pattern Catalogue Web Sites

  • KWIK•SEW—Sections containing patterns, various sewing books, and even instructions on learning to sew
  • The McCall Pattern Company—Buy patterns online and save 50%
  • Simplicity—Order patterns and find sewing information from a leading pattern company

Chapter 6: Intellectual Growth

Chapter 8: Social Protocol

  • Emily Post—Specifics on netiquette, engagement, and marriage, as well as many other areas

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