English 3 Writing & Grammar, 2nd. ed.

English 3, 2nd ed. by BJU Press (textbook cover image)



Emphasis on traditional grammar as well as practice with vital reference skills and step-by-step use of the Writing Process for eight different types of writing assignments, such as game instructions, book reports, compare-contract essay, and more.The student worktext provides guided practice, independent practice, chapter reviews, and cumulative reviews. Located at the back of the worktext, the Writing Handbook contains a thesaurus and writing models, and the Grammar Handbook contains a lists of abbreviations, prepositions, homophones, and diagramming models.


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Your Teacher's Edition, Worktext Answer Key, Teacher's Toolkit CD, or Tests may not picture the updated version of several pages. Originally the second edition taught card catalog skills for the library. Those segments of instruction have been updated to teach electronic catalog skills. The attached files include the pages relating to the electronic catalog as well as other updated pages. These pages may be printed and used as necessary.

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