Phonics & English 1, 4th ed.

English 1, 4th ed. by BJU Press (textbook cover image)



Each unit begins with an illustration and activity page that introduces the biblical worldview shaping focus. Colorful, engaging pages extend the guided practice taught in the lesson. The front page reviews related concepts and practices lesson objectives. The back page includes an activity that reinforces the new phonics skill, often in the context of decoding and reading comprehension. The remainder of the page often practices grammar and sentence skills from the lesson. Individual pages are provided for the five steps of the writing process. Worktext pages provide opportunities for formative assessment.


Unit Openers are the only new charts in Units 5 and 6. All other charts referenced in the Teacher Edition lessons for Units 5 and 6 have been introduced in previous units and are available in Units 1–4.

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