Elementary Resource Books

Bersch, Maxine. Storytelling in a Nutshell: A Primer for Storytellers in Christian Education. Lifeway Christian Resources, 1998.

Easter Crafts and Activities: A Practical Guide for Christian Education Directors and Sunday School Teachers. Gospel Light, 1999.

Hirsch, Christian R. and Robert A Laing. Activities for Active Learning and Teasching: Selections from the Mathematics Teacher. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1993.

Mazar, Peter. School Year Church Year: Customs and Decorations for the Classroom. Liturgy Training, 2001.

100 Action Songs for Kids. David C. Cook, 1993.

100 Activities for School Kids. David C. Cook, 1993.

Weaver, R.  Bulletin Board Sketches. Rod & Staff, 1980.

Veerman, David, et. al. 108 Questions Children Ask about Friends and School. Tyndale Kids, 1999.

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