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These references have been included in this article by Bob Jones University Press to help the reader acquire a wide scope of knowledge concerning how to start and maintain a Christian school. The fact that they are included in this article by the Press should not, however, be construed as endorsement of the entire contents, other works by the same author(s) or other materials by the same publisher.


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The premises of Christian education are sincerely held and self-consistent, for they are convictions based on the facts and principles of Scripture. Rooted in the infallible, supernaturally revealed truth of God.

The philosophy statements in this series are concise statements of the biblical basis for Christian education generally and for individual disciplines specifically. The series includes the foundational statements—The Christian Philosophy of Education, Christian Teaching and Learning, Christian Educational Methods—and the specialized statements on the Christian teaching of art, Bible, business, English, history, home economics, math, music, physical education, science, and speech. These statements are conveniently gathered into one volume, Christian Education: Its Mandate and Mission.


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After discussing problem elements and analyzing the three common positions on censorship, this booklet sets forth three scriptural criteria--gratuitousness, explicitness, and moral tone--and applies them to the content and use of materials.


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This book offers a practical, informal guide for the teacher who wants to encourage his students to write effectively and be useful in God's work. It includes ideas for recording family memories, writing gospel tracts, and creating gifts of writing.

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