Missionary Testimony About Mission Teams

A missionary graduate of Bob Jones University working in the Pacific Rim of Asia required assistance with a building project. A group of believers in the United States began to pray about the opportunity and also began to look into the costs. The folks soon realized that the cost per person would be about $2000 and would require about three weeks of vacation time. Sixteen people eventually made the trip. Someone asked the missionary if simply sending the money spent on the trip would have been more profitable to the ministry than the work accomplished by the team. After all, $32,000 is a lot of money and could be highly beneficial to any ministry. The missionary responded by making the following six points.

  • The team provided much needed labor. Most men in our country spend most of their time growing crops and hunting. They also understand the need for a church and school building and were frustrated over the reality of how long it would take to build it using national labor. The team advanced the work by several years.
  • The team provided much needed fellowship for us and for our children.
  • The team encouraged us. Missionaries wonder at times whether anyone remembers them. Seeing sixteen hard-working people who sacrificed their time and money for our ministry boosted our morale beyond measure. Every time we see the building or receive a letter from a team member, our hearts are encouraged again.
  • The team promoted missions both here and at home. The nationals now know that many people from a distant country care about them and their spiritual needs. Many team members returned to the States with a new zeal for the things of God and for missions in particular. Several want to return to our work at the next opportunity.
  • The team prays for the work and for us. Words on a prayer letter are now real people and situations. We regularly receive correspondence from team members who assure us of their prayer support for us. God's work will no doubt move forward.
  • The team may provide future missionaries. Jesus told His disciples to look on the ripe harvest fields and then pray that the Lord would send laborers. Team members saw the needs and are asking the Lord to provide help. He may call some of the team into the work either here or elsewhere.
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