Missionary Biography Summary Example

two Chinese children

Title: Nothing Daunted
Author: Gloria Repp
Read: June 2000
Publisher: BJU Press
Pages: 167
ISBN: 0-089084-753-3
Country: China
Dates: 1921-1957
Mission Board: China Inland Mission - Overseas Missionary Fellowship


Mrs. Repp combined information from several of Isobel Kuhn's books to form a short biography. Isobel graduates from Moody Bible Institute and goes to China. She later marries John Kuhn. James Fraser inspires a vision for working with the Lisu people. In time, John and Isobel move to Lisu country and begin work. They start several short-term Bible schools and nurture churches. John becomes superintendent of the region after the death of Fraser. WWII and the communist Chinese government provide significant challenges to the work. Isobel finally flees China into Burma and then to the USA. John joins her later. They eventually go to Thailand and work with tribal people. Isobel develops cancer and returns to the States. She writes several books before passing away.

Major Lessons:

  1. Missionaries on furlough can have a tremendous impact on people in churches. James Fraser came to Isobel's town and inspired her to missions.
  2. God burdens people for a work long before the work can actually begin. The intervening time is used for training and preparation.
  3. The evangelization of a people is often a multi-person and multi-generation process. What James Fraser started by roving evangelism, the Kuhns brought to maturity through the Bible schools.
  4. Bible training is vital to the church's becoming indigenous. The Raining Season Bible School provided training to Lisu workers when they could come. It was later expanded to a boys' and a girls' school.


  1. A prayer of James Fraser used by the Kuhns in times of trial: "If this obstacle be from Thee, Lord, I accept it; but if it be from Satan, I refuse him and all his works in the name of Calvary" (page 9 and others).
  2. Isobel was reading the book Figures of the True by Amy Carmichael as they contemplated going to Thailand. "Climb or die:" the text next to a picture of a mountain burned into her mind and inspired Isabel and John to go to the new land (pp. 156-158).
  3. On the way to China, an older missionary said, "Girls, when you get to China, all the scum of your nature will rise to the top" (page 33).
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