Bible Truths 5: Living in God's Love, 3rd. ed.

Bible 5, 3rd ed. by BJU Press (textbook cover image)



Bible Truths 5: Living in God's Love (3rd ed.) fleshes out Biblical fundamentals for elementary students while introducing more abstract Christian concepts such as God’s judgment and grace, holiness, set-apartness, and the foundations for Christian living. Good Bible study techniques including verse memorization, cross-referencing, and using a concordance are explained and encouraged throughout the text. Learning activities help students demonstrate and expand their study skills and knowledge of Scripture passages.

Bible Truths for Christian Growth

The fifth grade materials use 146 of the 164 questions.

BTCG for Grade 5pdf document| More Info on "Bible Truths for Christian Growth"


Replacement Pages

Pages S61, S63 and S64 in the supplement were printed with the answers in place. The attached files include the pages needed without the answers. They can be printed and used as necessary.

S61 Key Covenants of the Biblepdf document (97 kb)

S63 God’s Message of Repentancepdf document (230 kb)

S64 Taking Notespdf document (83 kb)

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