English 5 Teacher Edition, 3rd ed.

English 5 Teacher Edition, 3rd ed.
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The English 5: Writing & Grammar (3rd ed.) two-volume teacher edition provides teaching strategies in each phase of the teaching cycle. Each teaching strategy supports educators in developing understanding of standard English conventions, building familiarity with and mastery of the writing process, and teaching study and research skills.

What do the English 5 lesson plans include?

English 5 lessons in the teacher edition provide comprehensive lesson plans with lesson objectives, discussion notes, suggested activities, and additional resources. The lesson plan follows the structure of the teaching cycle, with each phase of the cycle providing appropriate teaching strategies to support student learning.

  • Engage: In this phase of the cycle, educators will find instructions for leading students in activities that introduce or review lesson topics, visual analyses of full-page illustrations, and discussions of mentor texts.
  • Instruct: Suggested teaching strategies help educators to guide students through the material, including modeling activities, more discussion, and guided practice.
  • Apply: In the application phase, educators will find suggestions for independent practice and collaborative learning activities.
  • Assess: Educators will find a variety of options for assessment. Assessment suggestions draw from all the resources available in the English 5 product line. Teacher and peer writing conferences, writing projects, journaling activities, practice pages, cumulative reviews, and the printed assessments offer opportunities for preassessment, formative assessment, and summative assessment.

Features of the English 5 Teacher Edition

In addition to lesson plans to support educators in preparing for the school year, teacher editions also offer

  • Lesson plan overviews at the beginning of each chapter
  • Grammar chapters, writing chapters, and a study and research chapter
  • Reduced student pages to keep teachers and their students on the same page
  • Answers to worktext pages
  • Instructional aids with additional visual aids, class activities, and rubrics for each writing project to simplify grading

How English 5 Promotes a Biblical Worldview

English 5 focuses on four key themes for biblical worldview shaping: personality, perception, precision, and pleasure. Each product for this course provides opportunities to apply critical thinking skills and to make personal applications which shape students’ worldviews.

  • ISBN - 978-1-64626-375-2
  • Author - BJU Press
  • Copyright Year - 2023
  • Edition - 3rd ed.
  • Format - spiral
  • Length - 655 pp.
  • Grade Level - 5
  • Publisher - BJU Press

English 5 Teacher Edition, 3rd ed.

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