Bible 1: Truths for Life Teacher Edition (1st ed.)

Bible 1: Truths for Life Teacher Edition (1st ed.)
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The Bible 1 teacher edition is the instructor’s key resource for guiding students through the first 43 Bible truths of the elementary Bible program and helping first-grade students apply those truths to their lives.

What do the first-grade Bible lesson plans include?

Bible lessons follow a teaching cycle that offers educators a path to guide students towards success. The teaching cycle follows four steps: engage, instruct, assess, and apply.

  • Engage: Review activities and illustrated Bible stories bring students into the lessons to recall prior learning and practice visual analysis skills.
  • Instruct: teaching notes and discussion guides offer multiple strategies for guiding students through the illustrated stories and introducing them to each of the 43 Bible truths.
  • Apply: application questions and collaborative activities encourage students to apply Bible truths to their lives.
  • Assess: educators may assess student development as students work on memory verses, analyze artwork, participate in collaborative discussions, and answer critical thinking questions, but the final front-and-back pages in each lesson provide additional opportunities for summative assessment.

A lesson plan overview provides a summary of each daily lesson for easy preparation.

Features of the Grade 1 Bible Teacher’s Edition

The teacher’s edition includes valuable resources to the teacher to give students a rich, varied learning experience as they learn Bible.

  • Answers to questions from the corresponding Grade 1 Bible student workbook
  • Teaching notes
  • Teaching guides
  • Additional activities and resources
  • ISBN - 978-1-62856-819-6
  • Author - BJU Press
  • Copyright Year - 2022
  • Edition - 1st ed.
  • Format - spiral
  • Length - 416 pp.
  • Grade Level - 1
  • Publisher - BJU Press

Bible 1: Truths for Life Teacher Edition (1st ed.)

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