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Grade 5 Heritage Studies Online Course Enrollment

Grade 5 Heritage Studies Online Course Enrollment

Heritage 5 for Distance Learning

Heritage 5 (3rd edition) covers American history completely, beginning with the birth of America and ending with President Obama, addressing current world issues along the way. Miss Jessica Ingersoll provides a balanced overview of American history, geography, citizenship, economics, and culture, including special segments on the role of women in history, and students learn about the civic responsibilities of a Christian.

Teacher Information: Miss Ingersoll teaches this course. Read more about her by clicking on the Instructor tab.

Scheduling Information: 180 Days (180 lesson days + tests days/work days); lessons are 30 minutes in length.

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Miss Jessica Ingersoll, MEd

Miss Jessica Ingersoll, a course instructor for BJU Press Distance LearningMiss Jessica Ingersoll is an experienced elementary school teacher with a vibrant passion for education. She wants to make the subjects she teaches come alive for your child by demonstrating their importance to everyday life with a strong Biblical worldview foundation.

  • Copyright Year - 2016
  • Publisher - BJU Press

Grade 5 Heritage Studies Online Course Enrollment

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