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Grade 5 Science Online Course Enrollment

Grade 5 Science Online Course Enrollment

Science 5 for Distance Learning

Science 5 teaches your children to think about science in light of the Creation Mandate. As they learn about minerals, fossils, matter, light, weather, ecosystems, and the human body, they will begin to appreciate the Creator as well as their own role in the world. Miss Jessica Ingersoll points out the necessity to look at the world with a biblical perspective, identifying the unique way that God created man. Demonstrations and hands-on activities are a major part of the course.

Scheduling Information: 180 Days (180 lesson days + tests days/work days); lessons are 30 minutes in length.

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Miss Jessica Ingersoll, MEd

Miss Jessica Ingersoll, a course instructor for BJU Press Distance LearningMiss Jessica Ingersoll is an experienced elementary school teacher with a vibrant passion for education. She wants to make the subjects she teaches come alive for your child by demonstrating their importance to everyday life with a strong Biblical worldview foundation.

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Grade 5 Science Online Course Enrollment

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