Beyond the Smoke

Beyond the Smoke
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Will Rogers Award Beyond the Smoke by western writer Terry W. Burns is historical fiction set in the American Wild West. When Bryan Wheeler’s parents are killed by Comanche raiders, he wonders how he will survive without them. With a few supplies, two guns, and his mother’s Bible, he sets out to create a new life for himself in the western wilderness. During his travels he meets new friends, including an eccentric trader, a Texas ranger, and an orphan girl. But enemies lurk in the West, too, and in this Christian fiction novel these enemies force Bryan to make difficult choices to survive. Beyond the Smoke is the winner of the 2009 Will Rogers Medallion Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Publishing of Western Media. This award is presented each year to books that showcase excellent content, demonstrate high production values, and celebrate the history and spirit of the American cowboy.

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  • ISBN - 978-1-59166-929-6
  • eISBN - 978-1-60682-401-6
  • Author - Terry W. Burns
  • Copyright Year - 2009
  • Format - softbound
  • Length - 152 pp.
  • Publisher - BJU Press, JourneyForth
  • Reading Level - young adult
  • Lexile Measurement - 690

Beyond the Smoke

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