The Gift of Christmas (Children's Christmas program)

The Gift of Christmas (Children's Christmas program)
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The Gift of Christmas by Dan and Addy Forrest. In this 30-minute short musical children's Christmas play, Ben decides to celebrate God's gift of Christmas by giving to others. The gospel message is presented as Ben reflects on God's gift to us, the Lord Jesus Christ. This book contains a Director's Copy, a Performer's Copy, and Piano Accompaniments. Your purchase of this book gives you permission to photocopy these parts as necessary for your production.

The Gift of Christmas is written as a Sunday school program with separate speaking and singing parts for preschool, K–3rd grade, and 4th–6th grades. However, it would be relatively simple to adapt this program to the needs of any size church or school group. In a smaller church, all the children could sing all the songs, and each participating child could have several lines of narration. Adults could even take a part in the narration if there aren't enough children to cover all the speaking parts. If there are no preschool children participating, that section could be cut from the program. For a larger group, there is enough narration to give many students a speaking part.

The cast is made up of Ben Redmon, Mr. and Mrs. Redmon, Narrator (older Ben Redmon), a few children to attend a birthday party, and up to 22 child speakers. Simple props from around the home are needed as well as 7 small gift-wrapped boxes (six wrapped in gold paper and red ribbon, one wrapped in white paper and gold ribbon). The gold paper and ribbon represents eternal life, the red ribbon represents Christ's blood, and the white paper represents a clean heart. The audience probably will not catch all the symbolism in the colors of the gift wrap, but it is important that they at least notice that the last gift is wrapped differently.

Songs include:

  • The Gift of Christmas
  • The Gift of Grace
  • O Come, Little Children

  • Author - Dan and Addy Forrest
  • Copyright Year - 2008
  • Format - softbound
  • Length - 32 pp.
  • Publisher - SoundForth

The Gift of Christmas (Children's Christmas program)

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