Regina Silsby's Phantom Militia

Regina Silsby's Phantom Militia
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Thomas J. Brodeur’s historical fiction saga continues in Regina Silsby’s Phantom Militia. The British army’s worst nightmare becomes a reality when rumors spread that the legendary ghost, Regina Silsby, has returned to defend pre-Revolution Boston. Rachel Winslow and her cousin work to keep the superstitions alive, leading the redcoats to believe that it is Regina who continues to foil their plans and that this time she is not alone. Even the brash Major Cauldon gets nervous as he sees his ranks thinning even as their fears heighten. Young adult readers will thrill at the daring feats and foibles in this magnificent sequel to Regina Silsby’s Secret War.

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  • ISBN - 978-1-59166-385-0
  • eISBN - 978-1-60682-430-6
  • Author - Thomas J. Brodeur
  • Copyright Year - 2005
  • Format - softbound
  • Length - 280 pp.
  • Publisher - BJU Press/JourneyForth
  • Reading Level - young adult
  • Lexile Measurement - 640

Regina Silsby's Phantom Militia


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