Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test

<em>Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test</em>&trade;

From Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test, Copyright © by The University of Iowa. Used by permission of the publisher, Riverside Assessments LLC.


  • Designed to assist parents/educators in determining a student's readiness for Algebra I
  • Takes about one hour to administer
  • Is comprised of four subtests:
    • Pre-Algebraic Number Skills and Concepts
    • Interpreting Mathematical Information
    • Representing Relationships
    • Using Symbols
  • Test administered by pre-approved Iowa or Stanford test administrator
  • Self-scoring, with included tables allowing for conversion of raw scores to
    standard scores, percentile ranks, and stanines
  • Booklets must be returned within 21 days in the envelope provided

  • Author - Harold L. Schoen and Timothy N. Ansley
  • Copyright Year - 2006
  • Format - answer document to be hand-scored by tester
  • Length - 50 min.
  • Grade Level - 7,8
  • Publisher - Riverside

Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test

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