Explore Biblical Education

Descriptions of the workshops for Exchange Conference 2020 are available here.


  • What Makes Education Christian? Parts I & II

    Presenter: Dr. Bryan Smith

    Christian education is one of the most rewarding ministries available to believers. But our success in this ministry depends, in part, on our ability to establish and maintain a clear vision for the task. If teachers do not know what the essence of Christian education is, our successes will likely be occasional and accidental. In this session we will consider what makes education Christian, what the main challenges to Christian education are, and how we can overcome these challenges.

  • Wow, What Just Happened? Learning from the Online Learning Experience and Regrouping for Future Needs

    Presenter: Dr. Jenny Copeland

    The current health situation necessitated lightning-speed pivots in learning delivery models over the past semester. As educators, we scrambled, learned, and explored—all while still delivering content and pouring hours into keeping students learning. We can learn much from that experience. Join us as we reflect on what we have learned, both successes and challenges, and how we can be prepared for next school year. We will look at helpful strategies, practices, and instructional tools.

  • Understanding God's Purpose for Education

    Presenter: Dr. Glen Schultz

    Purpose gives meaning to everything. Delegates will be challenged to understand God's purpose for education and how that influences everything they do, both in and out of the classroom.

  • Classroom and Virtual Learning : The Resources YOU Need


    Presenter: Pam Litzenberger

    Where can I find “stuff” to help my class learn more effectively? If you are willing to put in the work and try new ideas, you can make your class warm and inviting. Most importantly, you can help your students better understand the concepts that you have taught them. This session will cover classroom, instructional, and online resources as well as information on remote learning, such as online tools to record your own videos, finding online videos, and general tips for teaching remotely.

  • Wordview's Impact on Education


    Presenter: Dr. Glen Schultz

    Christians need to understand the major impact that one’s worldview has on education. How is a worldview developed and how it impacts all aspects of education will be addressed.

  • Flavors of Teaching: Differentiated Instruction


    Presenter: Rachel Santopietro

    Your mother told you to be sure to eat from all food groups. But some teachers "feed" all their students the same kind of instruction! Learn how to differentiate your teachings to meet students' diverse educational needs using a well-rounded plate of strategies.

  • A Biblical Perspective on Higher-Level Thinking


    Presenter: Dr. Glen Schultz

    There has been a lot of attention given to higher-level thinking over the past couple of decades. What does this look like from a biblical perspective? This session will include a discussion of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

  • Teaching Tomorrow's Scientists, Mathematicians, and Engineers


    Presenter: Rachel Santopietro

    Discover how to turn your science and math students into student scientists and mathmeticians by transforming your class with STEM education.

  • Excellence and the Christian School


    Presenter: Dr. Glen Schultz

    It seems like everyone is claiming excellence. However, many educators have not addressed this topic from a biblical perspective. Special attention will be given to the topic of academic excellence.

  • Reflective Teaching


    Presenter: Dr. Brian Carruthers

    A quality of the effective teacher is one of being able to reflect. Typically, the busy teacher finds it difficult to spend much time reviewing his or her effectiveness in the classroom. This workshop explores the role of the reflective teacher and how this quality actually will improve future instruction.

  • Helicopters and Snowflakes: Dealing with Today’s Parents

    Presenter: Pam Litzenberger

    Parents and students today are very different from those we dealt with 20 or even 10 years ago. In this workshop we will discuss several types of parental involvement, explore how and why parents are different than they were in the past, and talk about practical methods for handling difficult parental situations in your classroom—without losing your sanity!

  • Helping Your Students Develop Critical Thinking Skills

    Presenter: Ann Carruthers

    This workshop will explore practical ways to integrate critical thinking skills into everyday teaching. Help your students learn to dig deeper on their own and apply these skills to every aspect of their lives.

  • Accommodation or Modification?

    Presenter: Dr. Esther Baker

    Help for students with special needs can be confusing. Come learn the basic terminology, critical parameters, and useful strategies for helping special learners.

  • Conducting Conferences That Count

    Presenter: Dr. Jenny Copeland

    Parent-teacher conferences often create anxiety for all parties involved—the teacher, the parent, and the student too! Even the stereotypical visual of a parent-teacher conference is one of awkward interactions, bad news, and wish lists on both sides. You can lead the change and make even that small segment of time together a valuable bridge for the entire year. Come gather practical ideas for efficient scheduling, warm environments, panic-free preparation, positive team-building discussions, and effective action item wrap-ups. Make this year’s conferences different!

  • Exploding the First Day of School

    Presenter: Rachel Santopietro

    There’s a lot of buzz about the first day of school. But does it last past the first day? Is your first day routine killing your students’ interest? Get your students revved up about your class with some creative approaches to the first day of school.


  • Have You Thought of This? Thinking through Safety… Daily

    Presenter: Dr. Jenny Copeland

    Every day parents entrust us with their most treasured possession, and it seems every day the safety warnings, wish lists, and recommended responses fluctuate. Comprehensive safety plans take time and expertise, and equipment is costly. Where do you start— and do you ever fully cover all your bases? Come join the conversation as we think through and share ideas of where to start, how to implement plans for today, and how to keep moving forward and improving your plans to protect the school and students God has given you.

  • Communication—The Most Essential Leadership Skill


    Presenter: Dr. Dan Nelson

    In today’s world of social media, what you say and when you say it can make the difference between support and opposition. Learn some practical guidelines that will keep your school on track.


  • Pathways for Preschool


    Presenter: Becky Custer

    Pathways for Preschool provides a center-based, hands-on approach to learning. The many parts and pieces to this program help teachers as they promote discovery learning and age-appropriate developmental skills in their classroom. Learn creative instructional tips and lesson-planning strategies while we experience this exciting preschool program.

  • Footsteps for Fours


    Presenter: Becky Custer

    The beginning years are critical. We are laying a vital foundation, and how we do this will shape each child’s approach to future learning. Footsteps for Fours provides a full year of wonderful teaching aids for the teacher. In this session, we will learn what we can do to stimulate and encourage the love of learning in these formative years and teach preschool right from the start!

  • Focus on Fives for a Strong Foundation


    Presenter: Becky Custer

    The Focus on Fives program from BJU Press starts children on a journey of developing the skills they will need for first grade. This all-inclusive program provides foundational activities for heritage, science, reading, and all the language arts. We will explore the parts and pieces that make up this exciting, newly revised program. As we look at the special features of a unit, week, and day, we will also focus on the instructional themes for heritage, science, and literature.


  • A,E,I,O, and You Can Teach Phonics and Reading

    (K5–Grade 6) New

    Presenter: Cindy Dickinson

    All phonics approaches are not created equal. Find out how phonics can be used as a tool to build a strong foundation for reading. Then discover how teaching reading groups on differentiated levels will help meet the needs of all students. Finally, learn ways to access reading to give parents an overall view of their child’s reading skills.

  • Language Arts Beyond Reading: A Look at Grammar, Writing, and Spelling

    (Grades 2–5)

    Presenter: Becky Teruel

    Is grammar fun or ho-hum in your classroom? Is writing enjoyable or tedious? Are dedicated class times for spelling and handwriting necessary in this age of technology? Join me to discover strategies and ways you can use BJU Press materials to keep your students excited, engaged, and loving the language arts.

  • People, Places, and Dates, Oh My!

    Presenter: Cindy Dickinson

    People, places, and dates in history are important, but elementary social studies can be so much more. We need to equip students to understand, biblically evaluate, engage in, and make decisions about their world. So how do we help our students accomplish this? How do we answer the question of what is our place in this world? Learn how you can help your students to develop their biblical worldview, critical-thinking skills, and social studies skills, enabling them to become lifelong learners who value freedom, equality, and individual responsibility.

  • Math: More Than Memorization

    (K5–Grade 6)

    Presenter: Cindy Dickinson

    Memorizing facts is important in mathematics, but it should not be our ultimate goal. This workshop focuses on how successful math students go beyond memorization to really understand math. Learn ways to help your students become mathematical thinkers, not just fact-memorizers.

  • Your Students, Your Scientists

    Presenter: Cindy Dickinson

    Experimenting in science can be a highlight to your science day, but many teachers cut out experiments because of lack of time and resources. To become scientists, students need hands-on experience. Find out how you can include simple experiments in your science lessons to help take your students from being observers to being scientists.

  • Would You Like Sprinkles with That?

    (K5–Grade 6)

    Presenter: Cindy Dickinson

    As Christian educators, we know the importance of including Bible class as part of our day. But do we view this class as having academic value? Is it possible to have an academically rigorous Bible class? And apart from Bible class, how do we use the Bible in our teaching? Sometimes as busy educators, we sprinkle Jesus into our teaching and think that’s enough. But true Christian education can only happen when we integrate our faith with our learning. Learn how your Bible class can be the foundation for all learning and not just the sprinkles on top.

Middle School

  • Managing the “Middles”

    (Grades 5–8)

    Presenter: Pam Litzenberger

    Wondering how to keep your 30 sixth graders engaged? Or those 25 eighth graders actually paying attention in class? In this workshop I will present practical ways to keep your class moving and engaged in what you are teaching! We will discuss how to take attendance painlessly, make transitions, grade homework easily without having to repeat answers numerous times, grade that endless pile of tests more quickly, and record those grades. Come loaded with your questions and tips to share with the group!


  • Memorable Science

    (Grades 7–12)

    Presenter: Rachel Santopietro

    Participants will identify effective methods for biblical worldview shaping and for teaching with academic rigor in science instruction using BJU Press resources. After analyzing a sample science lesson, they will work to convert one of their own lessons into an interactive, rigorous, science educational experience that students won’t forget.

  • Recipe for Success: Teaching Secondary Math

    (Grades 7–12) New

    Presenter: Pam Litzenberger

    This presentation gives an overview of BJU Press math textbooks (Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, PreCalculus, and Consumer Math), highlighting how to best use the features of the teacher edition and the student text. The workshop explains the front and back matter, available resources, TeacherToolsOnline, ExamView, and AfterSchoolHelp.com. Suggestions are given for lesson planning, teaching the class, and classroom management.

  • Helping Students Develop Strong Writing Skills

    (Grades 9–12)

    Presenter: JR Remelgado

    Develop methods for challenging a group of students who have different writing abilities. Learn how to create an effective but manageable plan for teaching grammar and composition, tailor that plan to meet the needs of each student, and develop a teaching style that keeps students engaged as they improve their writing skills.

  • Helping Students Fall in Love With Literature

    (Grades 7–12)

    Presenter: JR Remelgado

    Learn how to use BJU Press materials to create a comprehensive but flexible plan for teaching literature throughout the year. Identify strategies for engaging students with different interests, backgrounds, and reading abilities, and help them develop connections to and enthusiasm for literature.


  • Teacher Tools Online: What's in Here?

    (Grades 1–12)

    Presenter: Cindy Dickinson

    Teacher Tools Online (TTO) is a great resource provided by BJU Press to make teachers’ lives easier. In this session, you will learn how the Lesson Plan Overviews and PowerPoints can help with lesson preparation. You can also find ideas for using the artwork on interactive whiteboards and in assessments, discover options for showing videos without advertisements to your classes, and learn how to build your own tests using the ExamView test-building software.

  • Using ExamView Assessments in the Classroom and Remotely


    Presenter: Mike Santopietro

    The ExamView Assessment Suite is one of the most popular resources on Teacher Tools Online from BJU Press. It’s great for preparing printed assessments for use in the classroom, but did you know ExamView can also support remote learning? This session covers the basics of getting started with ExamView, editing and formatting assessments, and administering assessments in the classroom and remotely.