Presenter Biographies

Michael Arnold

Michael Arnold considers himself a product of Christian education and an advocate for it. After attending a church school and Bible college, he began teaching junior high at Christian schools in Ohio and Michigan. He has also served as the curriculum director for an online Christian school. Currently, Michael provides support and training for Curriculum Trak schools. He enjoys assisting school leaders in launching their Curriculum Trak efforts and encouraging teachers in their efforts. Ultimately, Michael desires to help Christian educators ensure a high-quality education for their students.

Dr. Esther Baker

Esther holds 4 degrees from Bob Jones University: BA in history, MEd in music education, MS in counseling, and EdD in curriculum and instruction. She has more than 25 years of education-related experience, serving not only in roles as college residence-hall counselor and supervisor but also in Christian schools as teacher, guidance counselor, and administrative team member. She currently serves as assistant administrator at Bob Jones Academy. She has contributed to several Christian educational magazines and books and presents workshops at Christian school conventions. Esther has served as an adjunct member of the BJU faculty, teaching adolescent growth and development.

Marnie Batterman

Marnie holds a BS in elementary education and an MEd in special education. She holds SC certification for K4–Grade 8 as well as SCACS and AACS professional certification. She has taught for over 25 years at Bob Jones Academy and has written material for BJU Press elementary Bible, English, reading, and heritage studies. She has trained teachers in China using BJU Press materials and has worked with BJU Press Distance Learning Online building test banks for online courses and PowerPoints for Teacher Tools Online.

Dr. Brian Carruthers

Brian holds a BS in science education and an MS in educational administration and supervision from Bob Jones University. He received an EdD in school leadership from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He has 19 years of experience as a teacher and administrator of Christian schools in Florida and North Carolina. He currently serves as the dean of the School of Education at Bob Jones University and is a member of the graduate faculty.

Ann Carruthers

Ann received a BS in Elementary Education and an MEd in Teaching and Learning from Bob Jones University. She taught in Christian education for over 30 years in Florida, North, and South Carolina. Since 2004, she has taught elementary Spanish at Bob Jones Academy. During the summers she has also worked as an elementary writer at BJU Press.

Dr. Brian Collins

Brian is a biblical worldview lead specialist at BJU Press. He holds a PhD in theology and has worked at BJU Press for 15 years. His work focuses primarily on Christian-worldview shaping for the Press's social studies and language arts product lines. He was a contributing writer to Biblical Worldview: Creation, Fall, Redemption.

Kevin Collins

Kevin works at BJU Press as a secondary Bible curriculum writer. He holds a BA degree in Bible and an MDiv degree. Prior to coming to BJU Press, he worked as a youth leader, a short-term missionary in Singapore, and as an elementary, junior high, and high school teacher in the Western United States. In addition to theology, he loves history and literature.

Dr. Jenny Copeland

Jenny holds a MEd in elementary education, an EdS in educational leadership, and an EdD in curriculum and instructions. She also has SCACS and AACS professional certification and is a member of the National Association of Elementary School Principals, the International Society for Technology in Education, and South Carolina Association of Educational Technology. She has served as a music teacher; an elementary teacher; assistant to dean of BJU’s School of Fine Arts & Communication; a fine arts coordinator; an assistant principal; and a class, conference, and workshop speaker. Currently, Dr. Copeland is the BJU elementary principal.

Becky Custer

Becky holds a BS in Elementary Education and an MEd with the emphasis on teaching and learning. She has spent 35 years in elementary education and early childhood development, working to prepare young children for later learning. She has taught-teacher training classes and currently serves as the Early Learning Consultant for BJU Press.

Cindy Dickinson

Cindy has a BS in elementary education. She has 20 years of teaching experience teaching a variety of ages and subjects. She spent two years in China as an administrator and teacher trainer, helping Chinese nationals to use BJU Press materials to teach and shape their students’ worldview. She is currently a national consultant for BJU Press.

Pam Elbell

Pam holds a BS in speech from Tennessee Temple University and an MAT in elementary education from Bob Jones University.  She has taught third and fourth grade for 15 years in various school settings.  She currently teaches at Bob Jones Academy and is a third-grade teacher.

Christine Hand

Christine holds a BS and an MEd in English education from Bob Jones University. She has both SC state certification for Grades 7–12 and AACS advanced professional certification. She has taught middle school English language arts for over 20 years at Bob Jones Academy. She has also been a workshop speaker at various conferences, the director of a literacy and communication summer program at BJU, and the author of many articles on teaching and technology.

Katie Klipp

Katie holds a BS and an MEd in elementary education from Bob Jones University. She has earned advanced professional certification from both SCACS and AACS. She has over ten years of experience teaching first grade and currently serves as lead teacher for first grade at Bob Jones Academy. She conducts workshops as well as hands-on technology help sessions for educators and has assisted BJU Press in curriculum revision and professional development projects.

Pam Litzenberger

With 32 years of experience in the classroom teaching Grades 3–9, Pam has a passion for helping other teachers. After finding her dream job of teaching pre-algebra in Dallas, Texas, she and her family moved to Greenville, South Carolina, several years ago. At Bob Jones Academy, she headed up the implementation of the iPad lab and began “flipping” some of her classes, resulting in steady positive progress among the slower learners. She had the unique opportunity to teach at Camp Infinity for the inaugural summer of the STEM camp at the Creation Museum. Most recently, she has taught girls’ Bible, digital literacy, and pre-algebra at BJA. She currently serves as a national consultant for BJU Press.

Dr. Dan Nelson

Dan is the administrator of Bob Jones Academy and the vice-president of the South Carolina Christian Education Association. He and his wife Marty served with the Wilds Christian Camp for ten years in the Philippines and in Colorado before entering the ministry of Christian education. He holds degrees in Bible, information systems, and educational leadership. Dan has been a Christian school teacher and administrator for more than 30 years and loves the opportunity of challenging young people to follow Christ.

Dr. Linda Parker

Linda has spent over 30 years in Christian education including 16 years teaching in K3, K4, and K5 classrooms. She left the elementary classroom to become the early childhood specialist at BJU Press. While there, she coauthored the first grade, kindergarten, Footsteps for Fours and New Beginnings curriculums. Linda was on the education faculty of BJU from 2005 until 2017. Linda completed her doctorate in Early Childhood Education from Northcentral University in January 2018. She joined the BJU Press Education Group as the education consultant in 2018. In 2019, Linda became the president and CEO of the education consulting firm SPEED, utilizing Strategic Principles in Early Education, to shape young minds for the future and to support and encourage educators for today. Linda’s dedication to and love of children is evident as she speaks to teachers and administrators throughout the country.

Joaquim (JR) Remelgado

JR holds an MA in Literature and has had several years of experience using BJU Press products to teach middle and high school English. He currently serves as a secondary English Language Arts writer for BJU Press and teaches freshman English at the university level.

Mike Santopietro

Mike contributes to the development of eTextbooks and other technology resources in his role as senior manager of editorial services at BJU Press. He holds an MA in Bible and an MBA and has over 15 years of experience in educational and trade book publishing. Mike travels for BJU Press and enjoys supporting teachers in integrating purposeful uses of technology with a biblical-worldview education.

Rachel Santopietro

Rachel loves teaching, researching, and writing about science. But most importantly, she loves the One who created it all. Rachel wants this enthusiasm to be contagious. The same sense of wonder that sparked her curiosity in childhood spurred her to pursue a degree in chemistry and a master’s degree in education. She wants to share her passion as she draws from her teaching and writing experience to provide academic oversight for writing teams at BJU Press.

Dr. Glen Schultz

For over 50 years, Dr. Glen Schultz has given his life to educating future generations. He received his BA from Roberts Wesleyan College and his MEd and EdD from the University of Virginia. He has been a teacher, coach, high school principal, and superintendent during his tenure in Christian schools. He was the associate pastor at Sherwood Baptist Church and the Headmaster of Sherwood Christian Academy until June 2014. Currently, he is devoting himself full-time to Kingdom Education Ministries, which he founded in 2013.

Julia Soram

Julia holds a BS and an MEd in elementary education from Bob Jones University. She holds advanced professional certification from SCACS and has been teaching for ten years. She has taught fourth grade for seven years on the island of Guam, and two years in elementary classroom at Hidden Treasure Christian School. She has been working with students with special needs for the last five years. Julia is currently the Learning Resource Center teacher for the middle school at Bob Jones Academy.

Dr. Bryan Smith

Bryan has worked in Christian education for over 25 years. He has been a classroom teacher as well as a textbook author. Currently, he serves at BJU Press as the Senior Manager for Biblical Worldview Formation. In this position he assists authors and teachers in the work of of shaping a biblical worldview in the classroom. Bryan holds a PhD in Old Testament Interpretation.

Becky Teruel

Becky holds a BS and an MEd in Elementary Education and has been in education for over 20 years, teaching various elementary grades and subjects. She has experience as an Early Interventionist for children with deficits. She has also supervised student teachers in their clinical practice training. Becky has been a Teacher Consultant and is currently an Educational Speaker with BJU Press.