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Speech & Drama

Speech & Drama Christian School Educational Materials

Two books—Performing Literature and Sound Speech—focus on different aspects of verbal communication. The first provides comprehensive instruction and skill-building activities for oral interpretation and drama, while the second focuses on public speaking skills including topic choice, research, organization, and communication in the workplace. A selection of drama scripts for a variety of venues and casts allows young people to further improve their communication skills in their Christian school or church.

Drama Scripts

    Shouting Valley $15.56
    My Brother's Keeper $15.56
    Dreams in the City of Fire $15.56
    Sovereign Choice $15.56
    As You Like It $15.56
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Elementary Dramas

    Programs for Juniors $27.50
    Programs for Primaries $27.50

Performing Literature

    Performing Literature Teacher's Edition $48.61
    Performing Literature Student Text $38.61

Sound Speech

    Sound Speech Teacher's Edition (2nd ed.) $48.61
    Sound Speech Student Text $38.61
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