Stanford Achievement Tests with OLSAT®

The OLSAT® is sold in conjunction with the Stanford 10. When the combination tests are given, the results will allow the parent/teacher to compare the student's ability with his actual school achievement.

Features of the Otis-Lennon School Abilities Test®

  • It assesses developed reasoning and problem-solving abilities important for learning.
  • Combination testing (recommended every 2–3 years) allows comparisons between students' ability and their actual achievement.
  • The approximate testing time is one hour.

Areas tested

  • Verbal comprehension and verbal reasoning
  • Figural reasoning and quantitative reasoning

Uses and restrictions

  • Available for Grades 1–12
  • Helps to measure abilities/aptitude
  • May be required for entrance into gifted programs
  • Restricted in certain states
  • Not offered to public school students through BJU Press
  • Should not be taken more than once in a 3-month period

Due to a change in Stanford’s scoring software, BJU Press is not offering the Stanford 10 paper and pencil at this time.

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